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Why a Business Book?

Your book generates revenue because it puts you in a new hemisphere of credibility

Why a Business Book?

How Would A Business Book Help My Business?

Your book generates revenue because it puts you in a new hemisphere of credibility and leaves your competitors lumped into a group who didn’t have the ambition, expertise or confidence to write their book.

  • A book works 24/7 for you, inspiring like, know and trust in everyone who reads it and curiosity and respect in anyone who learns of its existence.
  • Your book allows you to consider and deliver the story you need to tell every day, the story that explains exactly what you do and why you do it and convinces the reader you are the perfect person to answer their need…right now.
  • Your book instantly becomes the North Star for all your content. A robust social media presence depends on consistent messaging. Your book is your blueprint.
  • A book acts as a great leave behind or warm up for presentations. Gift your book to prospects and leverage it to gain to speaking gigs.
  • Podcasters are far more likely to book you for their show if you are promoting a book.
  • Your book is an instant legacy. Ron Foxcroft, an inventor, businessperson and member of the Order of Canada, wrote his book, The 40 Ways Of The Fox, as a guide to young entrepreneurs.
  • Authoring a book requires the writer to take stock of the events of her life, draw new conclusions and identify, often for the first time, the pivotal lessons learned through life’s journey. Many people feel the clarity gained through the process brings as much value as the book itself.
  • You can post your book on Amazon for free. When someone orders your book they pay for the printing and delivery.
  • You can use your royalty to underwrite the cost of the book.
Marc Petitpas

The 50 Year - Old Millennial:

The leadership gap exposed by the Millennials and how to close it.

In The 50 Year-Old Millennial, business strategist Marc Petitpas delivers a leadership masterclass driven by a radical proposition: a new culture of servant leadership is the perfect framework to recruit, mentor, educate and promote the talent that will drive business.

Millennials, Marc writes, are absolutely correct in demanding workplace in which their career path is clearly delineated, where they are given consistent feedback and recognized for excellence.

The 50 Year-Old Millennial proposes five anchors to install, maintain and renew a servant leadership workplace.

  • How to manage the pivotal connection meeting
  • How to make sure everyone arrives early at your meetings.
  • How to run short, powerful weekly coaching sessions
  • How to coach employees on the shop floor
  • How to shape and implement strategies for personal development
  • How to sharpen employee results through performance reviews

Part manifesto, part handbook and always wholly entertaining, The 50 Year-Old Millennial will reshape the way you look at work.

Michael Hynes

The Myth-Guided Mind: Unleash Your God-Given Genius at Work and at Home

In The Myth-Guided Mind, Michael Hynes delivers a powerful proposition: we are not nearly so broken as the devices we use to make us well. With a success rate of around 20 per cent, conventional therapy tactics turn us towards false answers and away from what we need most.

Hynes argues that healing techniques such as somatics, coupled with a reconnection to allegories that hide the keys to our happiness in plain sight, will lead us home. We need to access the same old stories to stop repeating our same old stories.

The fiction, he writes, isn’t mythology, but rather the modern notion that those stories can’t carry our hearts forward. It is, as Joseph Campbell long ago proposed, our false thoughts and not our myths that shackle us to the vicious treadmill of our lives.

Passionate, brave and grounded in enduring truths, The Myth-Guided Mind is an adventure for the spirit, the soul and the mind.

Michael Hynes is a Toronto-based corporate and personal coach. The Myth-Guided Mind is his first book.

Dr. Kwadwo Kyeremanteng

Unapologetic Leadership: Finding The Moral Courage To Do The Right Thing

Are you an aspiring leader seeking to make a real impact in your profession? Are you tired of leadership approaches that prioritize fear, over values? Ready to create meaningful change in your environment? Dr. Kwadwo Kyeremanteng's "Unapologetic Leadership" is the guide you've been waiting for.

  • Lead with Values, Not Fear: Drawing on his extensive experience as an ICU physician, Dr. Kyeremanteng reveals that true leadership is about leading with integrity and values, not fear. Explore the principles of moral courage and discover how to make decisions that align with your core values. Understand the psychology of fear in leadership and how to overcome it.
  • Action-Oriented Approach: Unlike typical leadership books that favor analysis over action, this book emphasizes practical tools and advice. Learn actionable insights and step-by-step guidance on becoming an unapologetic leader who stands firm in their convictions. Start making a difference in your workplace today with exercises, case studies, and real-world applications.
  • Accessible and Inspiring: Written in a laidback and engaging tone, "Unapologetic Leadership" is accessible to anyone, whether you're a seasoned leader or just starting out. Find inspiration to lead with purpose, foster teamwork, and drive success through principled leadership. Engage with thought-provoking questions and reflections that challenge you to grow.

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